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An Interview with Mr. Bart Stuck, Managing Director, Signal Lake Venture Fund

Bart Stuck is the Managing Director of Signal Lake, an early stage Venture Capital Fund which focuses on Broadband Telecom and Networking Infrastructure. Signal Lake, located in Boston MA & Westport CT, was founded in 1998. Prior to that, from 1984-1998 he served as the Managing Director of Business Strategies LLC, a consultancy involved with 450+ client engagements and over $60B+ in capital placements.

From 1993 to 1998, Bart Stuck invested in 24 companies over $350K and generated over $16M in return. first round investor in Ciena, Covad, Torrent Networks, Tegic, and moving Uniphase into telecoms to create JDSUniphase. From 1972-1984 he was with Bell Laboratories. He holds the degrees of ScD, SMEE, and SBEE, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA. He was on the Global Board of the MIT Enterprise Forum, 2004-2006.