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Advisory Board

Signal Lake has a well-established set of contacts with leaders in the telecom/networking space. From these, we have established the Signal Lake Advisory Board. Advisors assist in:

  • Finding startup opportunities
  • Developing business plans that would lead to long term commercial success, due to satisfied customers that enjoy the benefits of a broad product line or set of services based on a growing base of sustainable intellectual property
  • Developing and executing viable marketing, sales, financial, product development, and human resources strategies
  • Finding partners that offer complementary capabilities, such as distribution channels, customer support, and product manufacturing
  • Coaching management on the transition from development stage (trying to build products and get customers) to operating businesses (building sales through direct and indirect channels, managing working capital, developing marketing programs for product management and for public relations and positioning and for competitive analysis, recruiting for the appropriate culture)
  • Providing a big picture and small picture view of events as appropriate
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