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Mission: to generate significant capital growth through early stage investments in the broadband telecom and networking infrastructure being built for the global economy over the next several decades

Method: to fill the funding gap between angel funding and major venture capital firms by investing $100K-$100M in world class technical teams that have developed highly innovative intellectual property that can be turned into a product line that results in a sustainable competitive long term advantage. Signal Lake works with these early stage computer, communications, telecom and network infrastructure companies to attract complementary business skills to insure commercial success, to develop high margin products to address large growing markets, to develop business plans with significant milestones driven by external customer and partner validation, and to build investor syndicates to fund to positive cash flow as quickly as possible. Signal Lake has a primary geographic focus on the US Northeast but globally opportunistic. We work with these types of teams (Microsoft, Ciena, Google) to build great businesses, first last and foremost with respect for the individual paramount. Signal Lake has been involved with the creation of many billion dollar valuation businesses.

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